10 Rules of Conduct for Employees to Maintain Discipline

Rules of conduct and standards of performance should be specified clearly in a company policy manual and communicated properly to employees. They should be administered fairly. Some rules of conduct for employees to maintain discipline are:

Rules of conduct for employees

1. Rules should be flexible: Rules or standards should be flexible to adapt to unique situations.

2. Reasonable for everyone: Rules should be reasonable for every employee so, that they can follow the rules and regulations easily. Otherwise, a very hard rule can be because of anarchy.

3. Employee’s opinion: Employees should be able to express, without bias, their dissatisfaction with any rule or standard.

4. Oral and written format: Rules should be communicated both orally and in written policy form, and they should understand by all employees.

Rules of conduct for employees to maintain discipline

5. Easy to understand: The procedure and consequences of infractions should be clearly understood by all, through cautions, warnings, written reprimands, suspensions, or transfer.

6. Provisions for appeals should be made.

7. Employee participation:  Employees should participate in making rules and standards.

8. Comply with the standards: Employees should be expected to comply with the standards.

9. Limitation of favoritism or privileges: Favoritism or special privileges should not be extended capriciously.

10. Recognition for performance: Recognition should be given for good performance, reliability, and loyalty.

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