12 Human Resources Policy Suggestions

Guidelines about major personnel matters in terms of policies if remain spelled, the small business managers may take correct decisions when calling for without much time and inaccuracies. Human Resources Policy Suggestions are described step by step.

So, such policy guidelines with regard to human resources are presented. The small firm owner can take certain steps to assure a good human resource and personnel policy. Here are some great human resources policy suggestions.

Human resources policy suggestions

Best employee Selection

The selection of the best employee can happen only if an applicant’s skills and talents are determined before he or she is hired.

The firm should determine physical qualifications such as strength, stamina, vision, and movement by physical examination.

Psychological tests are also helpful in some cases. A selection must be fair to all applicants and must meet the federal government’s Equal Employment Opportunity guidelines.

In general terms, this means no one can be denied employment based on race, age, sex, religion, or ethics group.

Clear job description

Even small firms should have job descriptions available to discuss with applicants. These should be carefully explained, including salaries.

The normal sequence of advancement, including opportunities for such advancement and salary ranges, and average time at each level, should be described.

If the firm has an organization chart, it should be shown and explained to the applicant.

Human Resources Policy Suggestions
Human Resources Policy Suggestions

Work of mouth

Create an image that this is a good firm for which to work. Work of mouth from employee to employee can do much to aid this objective.

Select from the large group

It is advantageous to seek out employees through a planned recruiting and talents of several individuals and select the best one from a group.

Recruiting can be aided by using public and private employment agencies, university placement services, vocational schools, labor unions, and referrals from friends and other business firms.

Advertising in newspapers or other media can provide a large group from which to select the best possible employee.

Employee orientation

A positive program for the orientation of new employees should be established, preferably in writing. When new employees first come to work, a supervisor should be assigned to introduce them to fellow employees, the company layout, the facilities of the firm, and show them their own work areas. Any printed material for employees should be given to them.

Job Training

If training programs are desirable or necessary, establish them for a regular presentation. No exceptions should be made for employees deemed able to benefit. The smallest firm will do actual job training on the job.

Annual review of employee’s progress

Provide at least an annual review of each employee’s progress and productivity. Such reviews should be discussed with employees, so they know how they stand with the firm.

Check references

Have all applicants fill out the & detailed application form and give references. Check references carefully, including credit references or other personnel data. Check further than references whenever possible.

Extended interview

Always have an extended interview with the applicant, in pleasant surroundings, and have his or her application in front of you. The interview should enable you to rate the applicant.

The interview should direct the discussion into various channels to find out as much as possible about the applicant: background, previous employment experience, ambition, sincerity, likes and dislikes, hobbies, sporting interests, responsibilities, etc. The applicant’s self-evaluation is pennant also. Discuss past salaries and expected future salaries.

Keep salary range clear

Keep salaries in line with the competition or better than elsewhere- if this can be justified. Have a near system of pay raises within a rank to tie put into effect if they were earned. Be sure that all current employees know the salary ranges available to them if they are promoted.

Do regular meeting

Have regular meetings with employees to discuss matters of mutual interest. Invite opinions even contrary ones.

Trial period for new employee

Have a specific trial period for each new employee. Be sure that he or she knows about it. Do not id terminate a new employee whose work is unsatisfactory during this period. Weak hart the morale of all who carry their share.

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