6 Most Important Job Redesign Approaches

Job redesign options are available for managers. Approaches for designing or redesigning groups include forming work teams. The options regarding job redesign approaches are described below:

Job redesign approaches

1. Job Rotation: Job rotation means the systematic movement of workers from one job to another in an attempt to minimize monotony and boredom.

It does not change the actual job content but it rotates employees from one job to another after a specified period of time.

2. Job Enlargement: Job enlargement refers to an increase in the number of tasks an employee performs. Horizontal job loading increases the number of tasks an individual performs, thereby increasing the diversity of a job.

3. Job Enrichment: Job enrichment is an increase in the meaningfulness of the work and the responsibilities of an employee.

It increases the depth of a job by expanding it vertically. Managers must add meaningfulness to the job and allow workers more control over their work if the job is to be perceived as enriched.

Job Redesign Approaches
Job Redesign Approaches

4. Work team: Work team is a group of employees who have been assigned a large task to complete.

To create a work team, a group of workers is given a large task to complete and the team members are responsible for deciding on specific task assignments, solving production problems, creating their own schedules and deadlines, and continually improving work activities.

5. Autonomous workgroups: Autonomous work groups refer to workgroups that have been assigned complex tasks and the authority to decide the best way to get the job done.

An autonomous workgroup is responsible for achieving a complex goal and is given a considerable amount of control over work assignments,  rest breaks, prioritizing, inspection procedures, and so.

6. Quality Circle: Quality circle is a regular meeting of a group of employees and supervisors to discuss quality problems and solutions. The concept of a quality circle primarily focuses on maintaining and enhancing the quality of the product.

Strategic Framework Job Design Approach

Strategic Job Design can be represented graphically. This representation shows different elements of the job design approach. The graphical presentation of the Job Design Approach is given in below:


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