Are Entrepreneurs Born or Made Explanation

The proverbial myth that ‘Entrepreneurs are born but not made’ is no longer a valid concept. So, let’s discover whether are entrepreneurs born or made again.

Are entrepreneurs born or made?

In fact, it always has been taught and learned except that the education delivery system has been an informal one, built around an entrepreneurial father’s family, commercial orientation, needs, and tradition of a particular cultural group.

The truth of the matter is that experiences are made and forged, by learning experiences.

However, no one denies the fact that a certain level of intelligence, energy, achievement orientation, etc. is required.

Are Entrepreneurs Born or Made
Are Entrepreneurs Born or Made?

A good deal of evidence now exists that entrepreneurial traits and tendencies can be developed or enhanced through formal training and education.

Eminent psychologist, McClelland has proved through experimental studies that people with a need for high achievement characteristics can be developed as entrepreneurs through entrepreneurship development training, offering assistance, and creating favorable conditions for business.

The concept of entrepreneurship development through training has originated and is established on these principles.

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