Various Prospects of Leadership in Bangladesh

Leadership has a vital role everywhere, whatever it is in our society or business organization. And everyone has some prospects from a leader. There are some prospects of leadership which are given below:-

Prospects of leadership

1. Shortage of educated leadership: We have a shortage of properly educated good leadership. Those who lead us (politically) most of them are not well educated.

2. Need time to change the scene of leadership in BD: Bangladesh need more (not sum how much) time to change the system of leadership. Most of our leaders are from a family background of leadership but not self-created leaders.

3. Bangladesh needs true leadership: To break the current practice of leadership, family background leadership, we need to come up from well educated good background people to take the lead.

4. Need leadership Grass Root level: In a village, almost all leaders are not educated, family, or politically based. At gram no level (inviolate) need time educated, at grand, not lower (in a village) need time educated ethical, leadership needs time educated.

Prospects of Leadership
Prospects of Leadership

5. Need to remove barriers to building up leadership: The prospect of leadership fully depends on building up a good leader by removing all barriers. Need to remove the family-oriented culture of leadership in Bangladesh.

6. Need to stop Brain Drain of BD to other countries: We can see those talented students who can be a good leader to build up prospect BD. here BD for his own good. We must stop this practice.

7. Need to stop migration from BD to developed countries: A lot of well-educated people went overseas by migration. We need to stop this migration and attract them to stay in BD for their good as well as the good of Bangladesh.

8. Need to stop corruption: Because of corruption people direct from their ethics that in how we lost a lot of good prospective leaders for their own personal benefit.

9. No good prospect of the leadership of BD: Retired govt. officers, army officer leading Businessmen. An existing political family member of Bangladesh is leading us. So, no scope to build or created prospect leadership of BD.

From the above circumstance, we can say that create a proper environment opportunity to raise changes in the prospect of leadership in Bangladesh.

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