Attributes of a successful entrepreneur

An entrepreneur should have some attributes/characteristics to be a successful entrepreneur. I think every entrepreneur should know about these attributes because there are lots of obstacles in entrepreneurship it’s not like a job.

In a job one just follows the command of higher authority but if you want to be an entrepreneur you should have some extra attributes other than a job holder.

Read the following attributes and think do you have these attributes/characteristics? If you have you can start a business because these are the attributes of a successful entrepreneur. Let’s know these attributes:

Attributes of a successful entrepreneur

  1. Confidence
  2. Perseverance, determination
  3. Energy, diligence
  4. Resourcefulness
  5. Ability to take calculated risks
  6. Dynamism, leadership
  7. Optimism
  8. Need to achieve
  9. Versatility; knowledge of product, market, machinery, technology
  10. Creativity
  11. Ability to influence others
  12. Ability to get along well with people
  13. Initiative
  14. Flexibility
  15. Intelligence
  16. Pleasant personality
  17. Egoism
  18. Courage
  19. Imagination
  20. Perceptiveness
  21. Toleration for ambiguity
  22. Orientation
  23. Positive response to the challenge
  24. Independence
  25. Responsiveness to suggestions and criticism
  26. Time competence, efficiency
  27. Ability to make decisions quickly
  28. Responsibility
  29. Foresight
  30. Accuracy, thoroughness
  31. Cooperatives
  32. Profit orientation
  33. Ability to learn from mistakes
  34. Sense of power
  35. Aggressiveness
  36. Capacity for enjoyment
  37. Efficacy
  38. Commitment
  39. Ability to trust workers
  40. Sensitivity to other
  41. Honesty, integrity
  42. Maturity, balance

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