How to become a Successful Retailer

A small business owner or his appointed seller keeps themselves busy disposing of their products under sale. The larger the volume of sales more successful the entrepreneur or his appointed sellers. Let’s know how to become a successful retailer.

To become a successful retail seller one entrepreneur or his appointed salesman should:

A. To be a successful retailer, he should have

  1. A genuine liking for people,
  2. A special empathy for those in the customer segment he seeks to serve,
  3. Retail imagination, vision, and initiative,
  4. Merchandise knowledge,
  5. Overall retail experience,
  6. Physical, emotional, and mental stamina,
  7. Common sense,
  8. Managerial and executive ability, and courage.

B. Further, he must also

  1. like the retail business and his store
  2. like being a merchant in the particular consumer category he is serving.

C. Successful retailers need not have all these qualifications, but they must at least have l (a). l (b), 2(a), and 2(b) above.

D. As he grows, he should perform only those retail functions that are most important and come easiest to him. Specialists may be hired for other functions, but in the long run, a business can only be as big as its owner’s ability to organize and control every aspect of its business.

E. He must also be

  1. Willing to work hard,
  2. Willing to take risks,
  3. figure-minded, and
  4. Flexible

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