Customers Likes and Dislikes When They Shopping

Detailing or maintaining a showroom by the manufacturer is profitable. But the sales team in these shops should be aware of the potential customers likes and dislikes who visit their shops.

It should be remembered that not every visitor coming to the shop will become a buyer but the sales team must endeavor to motivate them in such a way that they will be happy to buy.

Hereunder are presented the customer’s likes and dislikes when they visit shops. These are to be taken care of by the sales force in the shops:

What Customers Like

  1. Price/value relationship
  2. Store specialization
  3. Quality of merchandise
  4. Salesclerk service (availability, competence, congeniality, etc.)
  5. Credit and billing policies
  6. Store layout and atmosphere
  7. Merchandise displays
  8. Suitability of advertising
  9. Store location
  10. Variety and assortment
  11. Guarantee, exchange, and adjustment policies
  12. Customer habit or routine
  13. Legitimacy of sales
  14. Other convenience factors (delivery, parking, store hours, etc.)
Customers likes and dislikes when they shopping
Customers likes and dislikes when shopping

What Shoppers Dislike

  1. A limited assortment of merchandise
  2. Too much pressure to buy
  3. False promises about delivery
  4. Carelessly wrapped parcels
  5. Being told that they are hard to fit or hard to please
  6. Overheated, underheated, and poorly ventilated stores
  7. Dark or poorly lighted stores
  8. Evidence of poor or careless housekeeping
  9. Lack of courtesy
  10. Idlers inside or outside the store
  11. Mistakes made by and indifference in the attitude of salespeople
  12. Prices out of line with what the customer thinks is fair value
  13. Long waits for service, change, or parcels

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