9 Liabilities of Organization for Leadership Weaknesses

An organization cannot avoid its liabilities for leadership weaknesses. In the following points liabilities of organization for leadership weaknesses may be discussed in detail:

Liabilities of organization for leadership weaknesses

1. Absence or lack of organizational culture: Due to the lack or absence of organizational culture in Bangladesh. Leadership function has not been maintained here. Organizations come up with traditional culture.

2. Discriminatory behavior: For perfect leadership, one has to behave rationally, toward his employees but in our organization discrimination attitude is found in most cases.

3. Lack of cultural motivation: In Bangladesh, employees are not motivated by the organization. So they have no leadership quality in them.

4. Lack of creativity or innovation: In Bangladesh, most organization has fewer creative people, and also although there are some creative people they are not encouraged by their top management for their creativity. Organizational people are habituated to traditional thinking.

5. Lack of business knowledge: In our organization employees is not have that much knowledge about their area. As a result, they are not able to lead other people in this respect and the organization does not arrange any training program to enrich the professional knowledge to be a leader.

Liabilities of Organization for Leadership Weaknesses
Liabilities of Organization for Leadership Weaknesses

6. Flexibility in work: In our organization employees are not flexible in their work but to be a leader he must be flexible in his work. This is another weakness to be an effective leader.

7. Luck of organizational structure: In our organization has not established the proper design to do the work. The organization has not created a proper environment within the organization.

8. Absence of dynamism: Organizational dynamism is almost a prerequisite for an effective leadership culture but in Bangladesh, the most organization is not dynamic in that sense.

9. Conservative financial behavior: In most organizations in Bangladesh there is a lack of reward incentives or other financial support systems for better productivity in the organization. As a result, employees become de-motivated to be effective leaders.

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