Barriers to Leadership Development (14 Most Important Reason)

There are many barriers to leadership development described below. To develop effective leadership we should overcome all barriers.

Barriers to leadership development

1. Lack of respect: The society is becoming more complex day by day and everybody is out of mind to his leader. They do not respect his boss.

2. Conspiracy: Maybe this is the most common nature in Bangladeshi people. If someone proceeds with some issue, there is a group or individual who will make some conspiracy against the new leader to inclement.

3. Lack of trust: People of Bangladesh are very much afraid of the new leader because in the past there were many who have betrayed the cable motion. So, when he is focused on someone people start to find some reason behind his activates.

4. Corruption: Corruption has totally changed the mentality of the people. When somebody invests some money which is quite natural to maintain a group is called the most corrupted people. As a corrupter person who has not to be as a leader for lead to his subordinates.

5. Immature media: An immature media is a reason to break down leadership development. Media in Bangladesh is very immature and always works in favor of someone rather than 10 people the news in a constructive way for the welfare of society.

6. Money: Money is the most important factor to develop leadership. As the number of participants and the people has changed their mentality by spending & taking. For a new corner, it is quite impossible to gather some people expending money to achieve a goal.

7. Economy: An economy is a factor that not to be a leader because many people are living under the poverty line. They are not supported in economical ways and that’s they rare not became a leader.

Barriers to Leadership Development
Barriers to Leadership Development

8. Availability of leader: Everybody seems to be mustering of all and they are not ready to accept any good advice or suggestions.

9. Scope of the newcomer: There are some established leader in all sector and this experienced leader always try to depress other so that he or she can rule over the whole life.

10. Nepotism: This is the problem to become a leader. As a leader who is responsible for his relative as a result the leader cannot become a leader to lead the others.

11. Terrorism: Terrorism is the problem that individuals who are not to come in a leader. When an individual becomes a new leader in a particular sector, in this sector the political aspect imposes as a result who is not to do the work according to his ways.

12. Education: There are many people in Bangladesh those are not qualified to become a leader but lots of people in our country those who is a leader and who lead any jobs.

13. Gender, Sex, Religion: Depending on area or sector these factors play a vital role, Organization for this some potential candidate always fails in our national election.

14. Emotion: There are lots of leaders in Bangladesh who are driven by emotion for completing the leadership task. For this reason, he or she cannot become a good leader.

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