Attitude of Worker Union Leaders to Participant

Union Leaders have good as well as a bad attitude toward participation. The attitude of worker union leaders to participant is described below:

1. Weakened: Some of the union leader has a vision that if employees are participated with the management body, their control may be loosen. That’s why union leader wants to make them forward to the management body. The employees are not able to participate with the management.

2. Progressive Leader: Some progressive leaders enhance the participation. They find their next generation through participation. They encourage the participation.

3. Secure Safety: With the help of the union, after participation the employees feel secured. There will be no threat of Insecurity. This will ensure more & more participation in organization.

4. Congenial Environment: Union leader through their positive and ethical dialogue make a congenial environment for participation. Union makes the participation easier.attitude_of_worker_union_leaders_to_participant

5. Ethical Practice: The union can take the participation practice as an ethical for the organization. Union also makes the possibility of making the participation a habitual behavior.

6. Reward System: A good participant will enjoy taking this or her reward for participation. Participation will be bored if it has no benefit for the employee. Union ensures this with the management.

7. Unethical Practice: The Greediness of the some of the leader make stuck up the participation. They make the participation process harder. The total system becomes stuck up for them.

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