19 Objectives of fringe benefits

The following are the objectives of fringe benefits. For the achievement of these objectives, employers offer benefits to employees.

Of course, without these benefits, the employees do not refrain from doing their activities rather benefits can help the organization to achieve some objectives. These are stated below:

Objectives of fringe benefits

  1. To create and develop LMR
  2. To decrease the turnover rate
  3. To enhance motivation level
  4. To increase the level of job satisfaction
  5. To resuscitate a sense of individualism
  6. To increase productivity
  7. To increase sales volume
  8. To increase profitability target
  9. To enhance the level of morale
  10. To reduce the rate of absenteeism
  11. To create joy for work
  12. To share the risk of accident and illness
  13. To ensure forced savings for retirements or bad times
  14. Sharing the cost of special services
  15. Tax consideration
  16. Labor market consideration
  17. Union influences
  18. Insurance cost consideration
  19. Changing employee needs

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