Definition of Fringe Benefits According to Various Author

Employees of all organizations in the world get some fringe benefits directly or indirectly and financially or non-financially. These are the additional incentives offered to the employees of every organization.¬†These incentives are usually known as benefits, these are also referred to as fringe benefits. Some authors have defined benefits, let’s know the definition of fringe benefits which are as follows:

Definition of fringe benefits

D. J. Cherington: “In addition to their regular wages or salaries, employees receive supplemental rewards that are part of the employment exchange. These supplemental rewards are referred to as employee benefits”.

A. A. Sloane: “Benefits may be defined as remuneration from the employer to an employee beyond wage or salary”.

Dale Yoder: “Benefits are the supplementary hidden costs of the employers which are given to the employees”.

Werther and Davis: “Benefits are indirect compensation which is usually extended as a condition of employment and are not directly related to performance”.

CD. Fisher, L.F. Schoenfeldt and J.B. Shaw: “Sohie mandatory programs pay for time not worked, optional protection programs, private retirement plans and a wide variety of other services are known as benefits”.

Definition of Fringe Benefits
Definition of Fringe Benefits

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