Sample Apology Letter for Speeding on the City

From traffic violations to felony offenses, a person can choose to write an apology letter for their case. Putting something in writing a phrase used to describe that you really mean what you are really saying so a letter can add proof of sincerity to your situation.

This letter helps paint you in a more positive light and it allows you to express your moves for the offense and any actions you have taken to remedy the situation. Here, on this page, a sample apology letter for speeding is provided on this page. Hope that it will help you.

Apology letter for speeding

Date: September 21, 2022


Dear Honorable Judge,
My name is (Your Name). I received a ticket in the (City Name). I was on the main road with my father on our way. I was stopped for driving at a speed of 50 MPH in a 40 MPH zone road.

I assumed I had reached the section of the arterial in which the velocity’s threshold rises to 45 MPH. Nonetheless, I made a mistake and for that, I am really sorry. This is my very first speeding ticket throughout my entire four years of driving.

I was lucky not to have hit and killed any person. Since the incident occurred; I have registered for defensive driving classes to remove this from my driving record and ensure something like this will never happen again. I can’t afford the cost of the fine as well as increased insurance rates.  Please take this into consideration when reviewing my case.

I have vowed never again to engage in such dangerous conduct and to take steps to ensure I never disobey driving rules which are mentioned on the road.

I hereby ask for a waiver trial where I can plead my case or reduction of the fine or any additional penalties. Thank you so much for your time and consideration. I hope to hear from you soon.

Yours Sincerely,
(Your Name)

Apology Letter for Speeding
Apology Letter for Speeding

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