Sample Apology Letter for Miscommunication in Business

To write an apology letter for miscommunication you have to express your sincerest apology for the event that happened and also explain it briefly without sounding defensive about it.  In business, miscommunication can damage a company’s reputation in the business world and social media where the reach extends far beyond a customer’s immediate circle.

To avoid this, you have to write a sincere apology letter. You should try to empathize with the feelings of the customer such as frustration. If it is applicable offer them some sort of compensation. Make an assurance that it will not happen again. Obviously, end with a positive tone.

Apology letter for miscommunication

Date: September 22, 2022


Dear valued customer,
Last night we received your email. It is our great concern and regrets us. In your email, you outlined the recent misunderstanding of the order. It seems that there was a miscommunication between our workers which led to the misunderstood order placed by your company.

First and foremost we would like to tell you sorry that you are not satisfied with our service. Upon my investigation, it seems that my supervisor misquoted the old product code to you at the old pricing, which is no longer available. We assure you that your complaint will be handled very strongly and strictly. This error is our responsibility. We also assure you that such an incident will not happen in the future anymore.

It is with my deepest regrets that this has caused a delay in your order shipment. However, we are ready to ship out the right product for you today with a 20% special discount.  We hope that this misunderstanding will not jeopardize our good relations in any way. I will assure you that this kind of miscommunication will not be repeated.

At our company, Customer satisfaction is our first priority and we take pride in it. But, it is a matter of sorrow that we can’t meet your expectations. Honestly, we deeply value your relationship with us (or company name) and we also asked you to please feel free to provide feedback about our service.  Please give your valuable comments in our comment box. Your comments will help us to meet our shortcomings. We will look forward to you and continue our service to you as a valued customer.

Always in Your Service,
(Your Name)
(Your Position)
(Company Name)

Apology Letter for Miscommunication
Apology Letter for Miscommunication

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