Happy Birthday Letter for a Teacher

Is it your favorite teacher’s birthday and you are thinking that what can you do on this occasion. I have an idea for you to discuss with all of your classmates and contribute everyone to buy a cute little gift for him/her. And write a sweet letter by expressing how important he is to you. I guaranteed that he/she will be pleased. Here is the sample Happy birthday letter for a teacher.

Birthday letter for a teacher

Happy birthday dear sir

You are the greatest teacher I ever have. You inspire me a lot. Every teacher teaches us what’s inside the book, but you are the only teacher who teaches us life’s value and manner.

All of my teachers teach me who to read books and help me to understand the sentence of that book. But there are really very few teachers like you who can teach students how to improve real-life by implementing that book’s sentence. I thought school and class were so boring place, but after you come I am enjoying your class.

I failed several times, but you never said that I failed you always inspire me to try again, it helps me a lot to overcome my limitation and make me a good student. How can I forget that man who never forgot to motivate me to be a good human being as well as successful?

Happy birthday again to my first idol, hero, mentor. Hope you will celebrate your 100th birthday among us.

Jenifer Scot

Happy birthday letter for a teacher

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