Sample Purchase Order Letter

You need to write a purchase order letter to place an order. There is some mandatory fact which you should mention in your order letter and they are. We also provide some sample purchase order letter.

  1. Product name
  2. Quantity of product
  3. Quality of product
  4. Product delivery deadline
  5. Every other condition regarding this purchase order

Sample purchase order letter for stationary

Name of your business
(Slogan of your business (if any))
Address of your business
Address line 2
Address line 3

Date of placing order
Sales Manager
Company name of the supplier
Address of supplier
Address line 2
Address line 3

Subject: purchase order letter stationery

Dear Sir,
We thank you for your letter dated 25th October 2014 in response to our inquiry about the supply of 300 books. Please let us know if we can expect good delivery by 15th November. We shall be obliged for prompt delivery as the goods are needed urgently.

Thanking you
yours faithfully
Ahmed Yusuf


List of some goods

Sl. No. Type Quantity the product
1 Pen 15 Dozen
2 Paper 10 Ream
3 File 100 Pieces
4 Khata 50 Pieces

Sample purchase order letter for paints

The color world wishes to place an order with national paints co. ltd. for various paints. Here is an order letter using various imaginary terms and condition

Color world
New Market, Dhaka-1200

September 01, 2012
Sales Division
National Paints Co. Ltd.
Tongi, Gagipur

Subject: Order of various paints

Dear sir,
Thank you for your quotation and the price list. We glad to place our first order with you for the following items:

SL No Description Quantity Weight Unit Price Amount
1 Enamel paint 25 Tins 10 Ibs 1000 25000
2 Synthetic paint 20 Tins 200 Ibs 200 40000
3 White paint 10 Tins 10 Ibs 500 5000
Total 70,000

The above goods are required immediately as our stock is about to exhaust very soon. We request you to send the goods through your “Motor” van as the carriage inward is supposed to be borne by you.

We shall arrange payment within ten (10) days to comply with 5/10. Net 30 terms. Please send all commercial and financial documents along with goods. We reserve the right to reject the goods if received late.

Yours faithfully,
M.M. Ziaul Islam
Purchase Manager
Color World

Sample purchase order letter
Purchase order letter

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