5 Important Myths of Intrapreneurship

Some of the myths about entrepreneurs have been carried as myths about intrapreneurs. Still, some other myths about intrapreneurs are mentioned below:

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Myths of intrapreneurship

Myth 1

Intrapreneurs are power-hungry and ambitious in building an empire they just want the venture to grow as big and as fast as they can.

* As they are calculative and conservative they focus on doing things right rather than doing big only. They are of course interested in profit and growth rather than empire building overnight.

Myth 2

The primary motivation of intrapreneurs is a desire for wealth; hence, money is the prime objective.

* Money is a tool & symbol of success but freedom and the ability to motivate is the prime motivator.

Myth 3

Intrapreneurs lack the analytical skills and they “shoot from the hip” and “luck is all you need”.

* Extremely analytical – well prepared and perceived market needs.

Myth 4

Intrapreneurs lack morals or ethics due to their strong desire to succeed.

* As they are educated & well respected they are seen to be highly ethical having moral convictions consistent with society’s expectations.

Myth 5

Entrepreneurs are gamblers who at the cost of others play for high stakes with high risk.

* Calculated & analyzed risk are the realistic stepping stones.

Myths of Intrapreneurship
Myths of Intrapreneurship

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