10 Rules of conduct for employees to maintain discipline

Rules of conduct and standards of performance should be specified clearly in a company policy manual and communicated properly to employees. They should be administered fairly. Some rules of conduct for employees to maintain discipline are:

Rules of conduct for employees

  1. Rules should be flexible: Rules or standards should be flexible to adapt to unique situations.
  2. Reasonable for everyone: Rules should be reasonable for every employees so, that they can follow the rules and regulation easily. Otherwise very hard rule can be cause of anarchy.
  3. Employee’s opinion: Employee should be able to express, without bias, their dissatisfaction of any rule or standard.
  4. Oral and written format: Rules should be communicated both orally and in written policy form, and they should understood by all employees.
  5. Easy to understand: The procedure and consequences of infractions should be clearly understood by all, through cautions, warnings, written reprimands, suspensions, or transfer.Rules of conduct for employees to maintain discipline
  6. Provision for appeals should be made.
  7. Employee’s participation:  Employees should participate in making rules and standards.
  8. Comply the standards: Employees should be expected to comply with the standards.
  9. Limitation of favoritism or privileges: Favoritism or special privileges should not be extended capriciously.
  10. Recognition for performance: Recognition should be given for good performance, reliability, and loyalty.

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