Definition of Planned Change in Organization

Every change should have a planned way. Planned change may help the person people to adapt with the change environment, planned change is pre determined. It is decided in advance what is to be done in future. It is a deliberate process.

For making any planned change, pre thinking is supposed to be done about the outcomes and impact of change also. Despite carefulness if any negative impact is seen, one can have preparation or metal objective to face the changes. Here is a definition of planned change given below:

Definition of planned change

However, we can define planned change as follows: Any kind of alternation or modification which is done in advance and differently for the improvement of present position into brighter one is called planned change.

Forces for planned change is an Organization

An organization’s planned change may take place-having demand for two sources. These forces are classified into internal sources and external sources. These two forces demanding for planned change are shown in the following diagram:


Definition of planned change

Internal forces

External forces

Obsolescence of production and service


New market opportunities


New strategic direction

Market force

Increasing divers work force


Shift in socio cultural values


From the above table, it is seen that both internal and external forces include five components each which can create pressing demand for making change is small or big, public or private, business or non-business organizations.

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