Definition of Change in Organization

Change is a phenomenon. Change is any kind of modification. Change may take place at any time. Always we are experiencing change. If any kind of alternation takes place change will occur. In this universe, change is occurring at every moment.

Our life is full of change. If this change creates positive outcomes for the organization, that is appreciable and may be accepted. If any change deteriorates the existing condition, it is unexpected for the organization.

Therefore, everybody expects a positive change. Change is a continuous process for every organization. A few definitions of change are given below.

Definition of change

Nwestrom and Davis: Change is any alternation occurring in the work environment that effects the ways in which employee must act.

French and Bell: Change means the new state of things is different form the old state of things.

Definition of Change
Definition of Change

R. W Griffin: Organizational change is any substantive modification to some part of the organization.

Wagner and Hollenbeck: Change may be defined as to alter, vary, or modify. Change is both an important impetus and a primary product of the process of organization development.

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