Difference Between Training and Development

Most authors do not make any difference between training and development. But in some cases, we find the difference between these two terms. The points of such distinction are shown below:

Difference between training and development

Points Training Development
Period Training is present-day oriented. Development is future day oriented.
Participates Training programs are arranged for employees. Development is programs are Arranged for the executive.
Level It is a lower-level learning program. It is a higher-level program.
Area Training is imbibed for enhancing much more skills and knowledge of the employees. Development is imbibed for enhancing specific skills knowledge to the executives
Changed The skills level is changed through training. The behavior level is changed through development.

Irrespective of whether we are involved in employee training or employee development, the same outcome is required. That is we are attempting to help individuals learn. It can be shown in the following picture taken from Koontz’s Management.

Difference Between Training and Development
Difference Between Training and Development

Relationships between Education, Training, and Development.

From the above figure, we can conclude that education is a broad process, training is the less broad process and development is a very limited process of learning.

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