Important tips for interview to be a successful interviewee

Interview is the essential part for getting a job. So, candidate should more careful about interview.

Here we provide some most important tips for interview to be a successful interviewee:

Various important tips for interview

A) Preparation for the interview

Interviewee should get prepared on the following aspects:

  1. Know yourself: the interviewee should try to find out what he want to achieve through his work- inner fulfillment, name & fame, position in  society, wealth, security, comfort, travel, power. Before applying any job, a candidate must know the reason for applying, i.e he must justify the suitability of the job.
  2. Know the company: interviewee should know the company in which he is seeking job. He should know as much as he can regarding the nature and function of the company, its growth over the years, its future prospects etc. a better knowledge regarding the company will obviously represent the candidate to be sincere and eager to know. Such will create positive impression about the interviewee.
  3. Anticipate Questions: interview should get prepared regarding the questions that may be asked during interview. Generally questions regarding academic and family back ground, interests, hobbies, prospects, expected salary and benefits, national or international events may be asked during the interview. Candidate should speak confidently without telling any lie.
  4. Preparing the questions to ask: the interviewee should list some relevant questions which he may ask if the interviewer does not offer him full information. Those questions can be about working conditions, training, job growth, career prospective, fringe benefits etc.


B) Arriving for the interview

Interviewee should make an appropriate appearance by observing the following:

  1. Dress Appropriately: The interviewee should dress suitably for the interview. Clear fingernails, polished shoes and appropriate hairstyle and must. The whole appearance should be sober and smart.
  2. Taking necessary certificate: If the interview requires any certificate or testimonials then interviewee should take those in a file or bag.
  3. Arriving in time: It is very important for an interviewee to arrive in time to the interview venue. He should try to arrive ten to fifteen minutes before the scheduled time.

C) Facing the interview

To face any interview in not an easy task. The interview can be divided into following parts:

  1. Entry: While stepping into a interview room, the interviewee should keep his head cool with full confidence in mind the should try to avoid nervousness. After entering into the interview room, he should make a suitable greeting to all members in the interview board. He should not take his chair unless he is asked to do so. The first impression makes an impact to the interviewer, so interviewee should be well prepared to show positive manner.
  2. Answering Questions: Here interviewee should answer the questions confidently and positively as asked by the interviewer. Candidate should not lie and should not kill time if he does not know the answer any questions. He should answer to the point without nervousness.
  3. Asking Questions: The candidate can ask some relevant and definite questions if the situation permits. Those questions should be regarding job environment, respect, growth and fringe benefits. The questions may be asked in a decent way showing keen interest.
  4. Leaving: When the interviewer indicates that the interview is over, the interviewee must collect his file or bag wishing them “good day”, thanks them for their time and leave the room politely. The movement while leaving should be noise free with reflection of decency and self confidence.

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