Role of Social Elites in Leadership Development

There are many roles of social elites in leadership development these are as follows:

Role of social elites in leadership development

1. Support: Social leaders support the contribution of others. Hence people get encouragement to develop leadership.

2. Reconciliation: Social leaders reduce tension. Reduction in tension helps to reconcile disagreements.

3. Sense the mood: Social leaders sense the mood of the group. This sensing of moods helps members become aware of it.

4. Modification: Social leaders help to modify the position of the members. It helps to reduce errors.

5. Participation: Social leaders facilitate the participation of all members. It reduces the gap and conflict between the members.

6. Evaluation of effectiveness: Social leaders evaluate the group’s effectiveness. This evaluation reduces the conflict and ambiguity between the members. Hence it helps to develop leadership.

Role of Social Elites in Leadership Development
Role of Social Elites in Leadership Development

7. Coordination: Social leader’s help to blend the ideas of direct maintain the coordination among all members of a group.

8. RecognitionSocial leaders recognize the contribution of all members. Social leaders judge the member’s contribution and given the reward.

9. Inspiration: Social leaders inspire the members of a group to perform better. Their inspiration increases the productivity and creativity of the members.

10. Increases cooperation: Social leaders help a group of people to enhance cooperation among them.

11. Motivation: Social leaders give good motivation to the members of a group.

12. Discipline: Social leaders help a group work in a disciplined manner. They reduce the conflict among all the participants.

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