Complaint Letter for Increasing Real Estate Taxes

A sample complaint letter for increasing real estate taxes is provided. Many homeowners find their real-estate taxes increasing steadily from year to year. If your home has been unfairly assessed compared to your neighbor’s, you can protest the assessment and ask for an adjustment. Let’s see a sample complaint letter for increasing real estate taxes.

Back up your claim by showing the assessed value of neighboring homes of comparable size, age, construction, and property to yours. These figures are generally printed in e local newspaper when assessments are mailed to homeowners. Although paying taxes may be inevitable, you may be able to change the amount you have to pay.

Sample complaint letter for increasing real estate taxes

May 11, 2022

Teresa Trebelhorn
Tax Assessor for Donegal Township
156 Ober Drive
Donegal, PA 15653

Dear Ms. Trebelhorn

I have just received notice that my home’s valuation has more than doubled! Last year my property taxes were $1800; this year the bill is $3800. Since I have not made any improvements or additions to my house or land, and the neighborhood is not appreciating, I am at a loss to understand such an increase.

If this figure is not a clerical error, let me butter my case with some pertinent facts. I quote from the list of assessed valuations published in the Donegal Echo today. My home is listed first, then three of my neighbors’.All our homes are three-bedroom, one-car garage construction on about a half-acre of land.

Assessed Value
Owner          Address                Land       Building
Summerhill   1725 Elm Ave.       $3,000    $67,000
Silvak           1742 Elm Ave.        1,500     38,000
Luther          1902 Chestnut St.  1,700     42,000
Chiang         1906 Chestnut St.  1,350     36,000

As you can see, the valuations of the other three homes are similar, yet my home is valued at roughly twice the price.

I could give more examples, but the point is that I believe my home has been overvalued and unfairly assessed. Please send the appraiser to reinspect the structure or provide me with an explanation for my higher tax rate. Thank you for your assistance.

S.G. Summerhill
1725 Elm Ave.
Index No. 765-890-2

Complaint letter for increasing real estate taxes
Complaint letter for increasing real estate taxes

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