Complaint Letter Sample for Poor Service at Store

If a clerk or salesperson provides poor service, report it to the management. It is the management’s responsibility to see that employees represent their firm in the best possible manner. As a consumer, you have considerable power to change the way you are treated. Here we mention a complaint letter sample for poor service so that you can get an idea about the letter.

In your letter, use the chronological format, telling the person what happened and what you would like them to do about it. If possible mention the name and designation of that person.

Complaint letter sample for poor service

May 11, 2022


Ms. Sarita Ordonez
The Jewelry Tree
1011 Ligonier Street
Whiteside, TX 78075

Dear Ms. Ordonez:

Whether you realize it or not, a clerk in your store, Joe Murdoch, is hurting your business. He’s rude, the brusque manner is making this customer think twice about buying jewelry in your shop.

Last Wednesday I came into your store to purchase a ring. Although there were no other customers in the store, I had to ask Mr. Murdoch several times to wait for me. He was impatient as I made my selection, and when I picked out an opal pendant priced at $160, he said, “You realize that it’s real, don’t you?”

All in all, he conveyed the impression that he doubted my ability to pay for the purchase. Granted, I was dressed in a sweatsuit, but someone should tell Mr. Murdoch that clothes do not make a woman. I had just come from an aerobics class.

Please, Ms. Ordonez, either fire Mr. Murdoch or institute a mandatory employee training course in customer service. I regard your store as one of the best jewelry shops in town and would hate to see a rude employee hurt your business.

Beverly Wyler

Complaint letter sample for poor service at store
Complaint letter sample for poor service

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