Complaint Letter Sample on Education Matters

It is very usual to maintain correspondence between teachers and parents of the children for enhancing their relationship with one another.

Such correspondence helps to lessen the absence of the child from school. However, other affairs concerning educational problems can also be included.

  • Getting a certificate (character, transfer certificate)
  • Complaint on a lack of facilities in the school.
  • Inquiries about child’s progress in his/her studies
  • The teacher reply.

Letter of school for certificate:

  1. Start your letter by giving reasons for asking for the certificate.
  2. Request for the certificate itself.
  3. Inform if the certificate is required by a fixed date.
  4. Express thanks at last.
Dear Sir,
You will be pleased to know that my Rajib, who has passed his higher secondary from your college this year. I would like to send him abroad for higher studies.

In this regard, a character certificate is required to enclose with such an application. Kindly arrange to issue the certificate within 7 days which will help to resolve his admission procedures.

Sincerely yours,
Shariful Hasan

Other complaint letter sample

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  3. Complaint Letter sample on education matters
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