10 Essential Conditions of Participation on which Success is Depend

There are some prerequisites or conditions of participation on which success depends. These are discussed below:

Conditions of participation

1. Adequate time: There will be needed adequate time to participate. It does occur suddenly. Sudden participation does not bring any fruit. Because there is the time needed to think something about something. So proper time should be the facility of proper time.

2. Cost versus Benefit: Every participation takes some cost. Management should incur some expenditure for any type of participation. The Benefit through this participation must have to be fruitful. That means the overall return should have to be increased by this participation.

3. Employee Interest: The interest to participate in any type of decision making process should be encouraged. For this the opinion of participant should give importance. If the participant thinks that his/her opinion is not important, it’s just a formality then they will lose the interest of participation.

4. Employee ability: To make participation there should be needed the ability to participate. The physiological, physical, etc. should be sound. The disability to thinking something should not be participating. The employees should have the ability to discuss something.

5. Threat: The employee should feel secure after participate. In meeting employees should not feel uneasy or embarrassed. There should be sufficient provision for participation with safety.

Conditions of Participation
Conditions of Participation

6. Freedom of Jobs: The employee should be able to do his jobs in his own way. Or he must have the provision to give suggestion to do the job easiest way. Because who do a job only he knows how the job can make swift and easier.

7. Top Management Support: The top management will support the participant. They will consider the opinion seriously. They will then discuss it with expert. After success on the pilot project, the opinion holder should be rewarded.

8. Responsibility: The employee also should have the responsibility of doing something for the organization. The organization management should have the responsibility to develop a participatory manner among the employee. Thus the participation will be fruitful.

9. Policy Support: The organization should have policies to encourage participation. There will be a good rewarding system for successful participation. The employee should be rewarded also. This will bring the participation manner in the mind of employees.

10. Culture: Developing the culture of participation in the organization is the best way to find the desire success. The management as well as employee will be habituated with the participation. The participant will have to be responsibility about their jobs as well as organization.

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