11 Prescriptions of Islam Regarding Organizational Politics

There are some principles of organizational behavior to be followed under the Islamic framework. Islam is the only complete code of life of a human being.

So, there are some prescriptions of Islam regarding organizational politics and it is obvious. We will provide some of these principles:

Prescriptions of Islam regarding organizational politics

  1. A Charter of demands should be prepared in consultation with all employees.
  2. The persons involved in politics must learn about their rights and duties in the organization.
  3. The leaders can never show hypocrisy.
  4. Politicians can never express untrue information.
  5. Organizational politicians must face everything with tolerance.
  6. Any fair strategy is allowed. But no party can produce false information to make another party weak and later capitalize on that weakness.
  7. N person involved in politics can use organizational properties exclusively for his personal interest.
  8. No follower can give blind support to their leader if there is any scope for verifying the information or correcting the information.
  9. In the name of politics, no party can make any harm to public properties.
  10. No party can try to shift the responsibility for untoward incidents on the shoulder of other rivals or parties.
  11. Islam has allowed the followers to protest and prohibit in case of any gross violation of Shariah rules.

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