10 Role of Society for Increasing Productivity Effectively

Social leaders can also play some roles in increasing and maintaining productivity levels. Their roles may be classified into some categories. Let’s find out the role of society in increasing productivity which is mentioned below:

Role of society for increasing productivity

  1. Motivation: Motivating other people to increase productivity.
  2. Prizes: Giving respect and rewards for increasing.
  3. Advising: Explaining the benefits of productivity to people.
  4. Warning: Describing the bad effects of low productivity.
  5. Punishment: Social leaders can help in case of disciplinary action.
  6. Showing various examplesArranging various programs about productivity.
  7. Training: Giving various training on productivity.
  8. Atmosphere: Society can create a managerial environment for increasing productivity.
  9. Medium: Choosing media that cover the most numbers of people in society.
  10. Feedback: Getting feedback from people about what they have learned.
Role of Society for Increasing Productivity
Role of Society for Increasing Productivity

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