5 Features of Grapevine in an Organization

The above discussion may reveal the following features of grapevine:

1. Capacity: It has a tremendous capacity to carry information good or bad, to the organization or to the people.

2. Fast moving: It moves fastly. Being flexible and personal, it spreads information faster than the most formal communication system.

Features of grapevine
Features of grapevine

3. Ability to penetrate: It has an unusual ability to penetrate even the tightest company security because of its capacity to cut across organizational lines and dealing directly with the person concerned. It is a source of much more information than management wants to release.

4. Influence: Grapevine is influential either positively or negatively but nothing can be said certain whether its net effect is positive or negative because its effects may vary among different workgroups, and organization.

5. Need adjustment: It cannot be done away with irrespective of its positive: or negative effects so management must adjust to it. The management, therefore, should know who its leader is, how it operates, and what information it carries. Managers should listen to their leaders and study their emotions.

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