Newborn Baby Announcement Letter Sample

Birth announcements are sent to family and friends after the event and as soon as everyone is sure both mother and child (or children) are doing fine. Stationery stores have several styles of birth announcement cards. You may prefer to design your own or simply write a letter announcing the news. Here are some samples of the newborn baby announcement letter.

Baby announcement letter to grandparents

February 27, 2022


Dear Sam and Pauline,

On February 16, at 9:56 pm, you become grandparents of a cute baby boy 9 pounds, 1 ounce! The delivery was so fast that I can’t contact you but don’t worry Mice is always there for me. I and my son both are quite ok now. We nicknamed him “Mason”

His official name is David Jayden as we fixed the name before. Please come to see him as quickly as possible. I want him to meet his grandparents.


A traditional formal birth announcement follows this format:

Mr. and Mrs. Morton A. Bernstein
take pleasure in announcing
the birth of a son
David Jayden
on Sunday, February 16, 2022

New born baby announcement letter sample

Today, baby announcements are not reserved only for births to couples. More single men and women and married couples are adopting children, and single women are having children on their own. You can send an adoption or single-parent birth announcement in place of a regular birth announcement. The top line states the name of the individual or couple involved, while the last two lines give the name and age of the child.

Mr. Fred c. Holling
is happy and proud to announce
the adoption of
Christopher Robert
age, eight months

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