Engagement Announcement Letter Sample

Engagements may be announced informally through letters to family and friends or through a formal announcement in the newspaper and through the mail to family and friends. Here is some engagement announcement letter sample is given below:

Engagement announcement letter to a friend

May 12, 2022


Dear Lorraine,

I wanted you to be the first in the family to know–science you were the one to introduce me to Cecilia. I asked her to marry me last night and she said yes! I can’t believe, after working up my nerve for two days that she accepted. It looks like a January wedding when she gets back from New York.

I know you’ll want to be in on the wedding plans. Cecilia already has a list of things for her friends to do. Thanks for introducing me to the person I fell in love with.



Engagement announcement letter to parents

Dear mom and dad


Remember after you met Bruce you told me, “you’re a fool if you let this one get away”? Well, I didn’t! Last night we were at a party and suddenly he asked me to marry him and I said yes! I don’t think my feet have hit the ground yet. He has gifted me with a gorgeous diamond ring – which was expected since I was a girl.

Mom and Dad, I’m so happy, especially since I know you like Bruce as well. We are planning on a January wedding when I get back from New York. I’ll call you and come home as soon as possible – we have a million things to do!



It is customary for the parents of the bride to make the formal announcement, either in the newspaper or on engraved stationery by mail. The correct form and wording for a formal engagement announcement are as follows:

Mr. Eugene Dickerson and Ms. Anabelle Lark- Dickerson
Have the honor to announce
The engagement of their daughter
Cecilia Anne
Mr. Bruce C. Westlake

Engagement announcement letter sample

If for any reason the engagement is broken, the change should be announced to all those who received the original notice. The announcement would read:

Mr. Eugene Dickerson and Ms. Anabelle Lark- Dickerson
Wish to announce
That the engagement to their daughter
Cecilia Anne
Mr. Bruce C. Westlake
Has been broken by mutual consent

Even if the consent was not mutual, stating so saves everyone’s face.

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