New Business Announcement Letter Sample

Launching a new business is an exciting event. You want the world to know about it or at the very least your family, friends, and neighbors, who may be potential customers. A new business announcement letter sample will help you to get an idea about it.

New business announcements may take a variety of forms-brochures, printed cards, newsletters, letters, or flyers. This type of announcement lends itself to the question-and-answer format. You need to ask yourself what the recipient should know about your business or service.

A new business announcement letter sample is given below:

Stuart A. Streiber, MS, PhD
1543 Crain Ave.
Everett, Louisiana 70639
(412) 556-3211

Dear Friends,

I am pleased to announce that beginning August 1, I am offering elementary, high school, and college-level tutoring in math, sciences, and computers (MSC). As a former math teacher, I have over 12 years of experience teaching students at all levels of ability.

I offer the following services to students:

  • Basic math and science principles
  • Good study habits
  • How to identify strengths and weakness
  • How to take standardized tests.

I believe in teaching the whole person, not just academic subjects. Students who have the intelligence to learn-they often need someone who believes in their ability.

If your son or daughter needs extra help before or during the school year, call now. Tutoring times and fees are arranged on an individual basis.

Stuart A. Streiber

New business announcement letter sample

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