Divorce Announcement Letter and Printed Card Sample

Although divorce is generally a painful process, you need to notify friends and relatives about the event. If you are not up to writing a letter, you can send a printed card with your change of name or address, then add a personal note regarding the divorce. A letter can let people know you still want to keep in touch with them. Here are some divorce announcement letter and printed card samples.

Divorce announcement printed card

Ingrid Quist
(formerly Mrs. Lars Ericsson)
has changed her address to
2434 Archer Drive
Columbus, Ohio 43228
I’ll be moving next week. Lars and I have decided this is the best

Divorce announcement letter and printed card sample

Divorce announcement letter to a friend sample

Dear Peggy and Bert,


I know you would rather hear it from me than from someone else-Lars and I finally gave up trying to make our marriage work. The divorce was granted on July 10. This is a painful time for both of us, but we decided it was best to let each other go.

I just want to say that your friendship means the world to me, and your support throughout our struggle has been deeply appreciated. I’ll be moving to the address this week. I hope to have you over as soon as I can. Love you both dearly.

My dear friends,

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