Difference between Organizational Mood and Organizational Behavior

Both organizational mood and organizational behavior are most important but there is some difference between organizational mood and organizational behavior which are mention below:

Difference between organizational mood and organizational behavior

1. Mood may hamper good behavior: Different groups in an organization create different moods and different behavior. Due to different mood behavior also hampered.

2. Mood creates distance from others: When one goes to a higher position, his personality also increases. As a result, he feels different from other. Then higher and lower officials’ distance increases.

3. Mood may make other people antagonistic: Sometimes higher officials feel different when they take higher positions. He thinks others lower and behaved in such a way that lower employee became antagonistic.

4. Mood may be a cause of turnover: Negative moods appear to cause individuals to process information in a narrower, more elemental, and bottom-up fashion. People in negative moods are still generally less satisfied with their jobs and are more likely to want to leave their jobs. As a result employee turnover increases.

5. Mood may affect morale: People with negative moods are less satisfied with their jobs, they get less opportunity and less facility than higher officials. That affects the morale of the employee.

Organizational Mood and Organizational Behavior

6. Mood may hamper motivation: People with a negative mood not satisfied with their jobs, because they not get sufficient facilities, opportunity as a result their motivation hamper. Not get the enthusiasm to do the work.

7. Mood may hamper job satisfaction: When not get sufficient opportunity, facility, in their job then they become dissatisfied.

8. Mood may hamper dynamism: The social process by which people interact face-to-face in a small group is called group dynamics. A group can work effectively only if its members stick to certain desired norms, which Cartwright has termed principles of group dynamics. When within an organization different groups restrain different moods then dynamism hamper.

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