What are the Purpose of Communication in Business?

The purpose of communication is to spread enterprise objectives and plans among the organization inmates, to inspire them, and to organize resources to achieve those objectives.

In fact, the internal functioning of an enterprise depends upon effective communication to a great extent because it integrates the managerial functions. The main purpose of communication is as follows:

Purpose of communication

  • Establish and disseminate the goals of an enterprise;
  • Develop plans for their achievement.
  • Organize human and other resources in the most effective and efficient way;
  • Lead, direct, motivate, and create a climate in which people wants to contribute and
  • Control performance.What are the Purpose of Communication in Business

Scott and Michell identified four major purposes than communication processes serve within organizations;

  1. Increase acceptance of organizational rules by subordinates;
  2. Gain greater commitment to organizational objectives;
  3. Provide data necessary for decision making;
  4. Clarify task responsibilities, identify authority positions, and provide accountability for performance.

A manager must be aware of the purpose behind the communication effort because of the liked response to be generated from that effort.

Nevertheless, it needs to be mentioned that a manager gets information from customers, suppliers, govt., stakeholders, community, and others, about the market environment through effective communication.

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