Thank You Love Letter Sample

Do you fall in love with someone? Write a letter to him/her as a first love letter to thanking him/her for accepting your love proposal. I think this is a great idea to let your emotion to him/her. Here is a thank you love letter sample

Thank you love letter sample


You are not only my pleasure but also the adoration of my life. You are my reward for perseverance. It was the most charming and memorable day of my life because on that day I got your love.  When I think that now you are mine then all sadness of the world turns into a joy to me. Thank you dear for understanding my feeling that’s why you accept my love.

Still, I can’t believe that you love me that was unbelievable to me. I thought that you never accept me for that reason it was surprising to me more than joy. Your acceptance really a great satisfaction for me and I know you don’t know how valuable it is to me for which I can wait my whole life.

Actually, I liked you at first sight. That day your smile, smartness, style, and impeccable face infatuated me.  That time you put on a dress in blue color and you looked like a blue fairy and a few days later I inform you of my perception of you. Although you took much time to give your reply. Those days I was really frightened and anxious if you refuse me. A great many times I was waiting for your response but when heard you accept my proposal then deemed that I am waiting for the day till many years, deemed that you are my adoration which I wanted to God profoundly, deemed that you are my such acquisition which was unexpected for me, deemed that you are my completeness excepting who I am incomplete, deemed that seeing an unbelievable dream.

Now you are not my infatuation, my true. You are not my passion, my reality.

I am gratified for your love and thank you for your acceptance.

Your name


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