Advantages of Employee Participation

Participation plays a great role to the development of managerial power of the organization in many ways.
Here we describe advantages of employee participation below:

Advantages of employee participation

  1. Motivation: Participation crates positive work environment. Employees may have the chances to show the creativity and analytical ability. These opportunities make them more motivated.
  2. Less cost and time: There are a few costs, however, to obtaining participatory input. Participatory decision is a group decision. So less time is required to implement it. And the cost of participation is less that its benefit in case of successful participation.
  3. Increases creativity and innovation: Creativity and Motivation are two important benefits of participative management. By allowing and diverse group of employees to have input into decisions, the organization benefits from the synergy that comes from a wider choice of options. When all employees, instead of just mangers or executives, are given the opportunity to participate, the chances is increases are increased that a valid and unique idea will be suggested.
  4. Increase capacity & influence of management: Participation creates mutual faith, understanding and cooperation. So employees hardly disagree with the mangers decisions. It indicates that manger can easily influence the employees to implement various decisions.
  5. Positive work environment: Mangers listen to staff, ask their opinions and take them seriously. For this employees consider themselves a part of the organization. This results a positive environment at work place.
  6. Effective decision: Decision is the process of selecting the best alternative. For a single problem different people may give different solutions, even thousands of solutions. So participation facilitates the decision process.


    Advantages of Employee Participation

  7. Better operations: Organization will run better if staffs are more loyal, fell needed and wanted. They feel that they are respected, and their opinions count. If management proactively seeks their input into decision-making, decisions tend to be better when they can call on a wider range of knowledge, information and experience.
  8. Increase the trust: Trust is an important factor of leadership. Participatory approaches usually mean that decision making is more transparent. That, in turn, increase the trust of the staff, and the leadership of the manger is increased. And transparency itself tins an added benefit to this approach.
  9. Work Enthusiasm: Manager may accept the employee’s idea or not. When their ideas are accepted they feel proud and become more enthusiastic to their work. When management does not accept their ideas and shows the logic behind refusal work enthusiasm will not reduce.
  10. Accept of Decision: Employee’s accept any kind of decision without showing an argument. Because management ask their suggestions and proposal while making decision. As they participate in decision process so workers accept the decision and work to implement it.
  11. Increases Goodwill: Participation helps building good relationship between management and employees. It increases employee’s efficiency and they can product quality product and services for the customers. A good working condition is available at work. All this increase the goodwill of the organization.

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