4 Major Characteristics of Communication

Communication is the essential part for every aspect of our life. Actually we even can’t imagine our life without communication. There are various types of communication. One of them are used in organization which commonly known as formal communication. There are lots of characteristics of communication which are essential to understand communication better. The following are the main characteristics of communication features:

Characteristics of communication

  1. Two way process: Communication is a two-way process because orders, directions, instructions, guidelines etc. are directed or communicated down words while suggestions, complaints, grievances etc. are communicated upwards.  This not only involves giving ideas but also receiving them.
  2. Extent to ideas and massages: The communication process continues to the extent that ideas and massages are communicated and received.
  3. Essential element of organization: No business organization can exist without communication because it is necessary to have a congenial relationship among the employees working at different levels and that is why it is a continuous process.
  4. Various mediums: It may be formal or informal though it may be in different mediums.major-characteristics-of-communication

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