Factors Affecting Organizational Mood

There are different factors that affect organizational mood. So, factors affecting organizational mood are listed below:

Factors affecting organizational mood

  1. Education Level: Higher education level increase understanding, which help to realized real fact of the organization.
  2. Family background: Family background is a factor that influence over individual behavior.
  3. Experience: Experience of the employee helps to develop organizational mood.
  4. Specialization: Specialization of work makes employees difference from one to another, there is no individual conflict.
  5. Leadership success: Leader play important role for developing organizational mood.
  6. Honesty: Honesty employee work for the development of the organization. They keep their commitment towards their organization and towards their consumer which increase organizational mood.
  7. Political affiliation: Political affiliation gives good environment for work. Organization gets various facilities in different sector which develop organizational mood.
  8. Achievement of target: In an organizational good mood exists then everybody take owns responsibility. Perform their duty perfectly. Both higher and lower authority is accountable to each other. As a result product or service quality improved. Organization can influence in the market. It can become market dominant. Combination of all organization can achieve the target.


    Factors Affecting Organizational Mood

  9. Organizational Status: Organization can profit highest, became dominant player in the market. So organization and its employee status increase in the industry and society respectively.
  10. Income Level: In an organization where organizational mood is better organization can achieve highest profit and give better salary to the employee. As a result income level increases of the employee.
  11. Praise: In a good organizational mood employee are also develop good behavior and they are responsible to their own jobs. There is no conflict among the employee. Everybody work perfectly. Everybody praises each other for their work.
  12. Humor: Employee with good humor make good organizational mood.
  13. Fun: Funny relation among employees increase positive mood in an organization.
  14. Levity: Cheerful environment helps for development of organizational mood.
  15. Social Interaction: When organizational mood is developed social interaction also increases.

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