Guidelines for Organizational Mood

There are some general guidelines for organizational mood which are stated bellow:-

Organizational mood guidelines for mangers

Managers can follow some guidelines to control the moods of employees:

  1. Follow behavioral culture: Manager of the organization with strong and positive mood should follow behavioral culture.
  2. Don’t show discrimination Manager should not show discrimination among employee.
  3. Emphasize on Organizational Target: Manager should give emphasize on the goal of the organization, perform duty in such a way that organizational target can be achieved.
  4. Don’t miss use the facilities: Manager is responsible to distribute employee duty. He is also responsible to distribute available resources. It is his duty to distribute resources in such a way that resources are not misused.
  5. Don’t cross the border line: Manger has responsibility and has some bindings to do work. He has boarder line to distribute resource. He should not cross this boarder line and should not try to handle all maters outside his responsibility.
  6. Take anything impersonally: Manager one of the most important characteristics is not to take anything personally. He is for all. He should be equal for all in very case.


    Guidelines for Organizational Mood

 Guidelines for the employees

Employee, on the other hand, can follow a few guidelines to control the moods of employees of the organization.

  1. Top Management support is must: For doing work perfectly and for achieving organizational goal employee need to management support.
  2. Don’t misuse the change: Sometimes organization rules, regulation, facility, resources change. In good modal organizational employee and manger should misunderstand and misinterpret this change. They should use this change positively.
  3. Don’t exploit the common employees: One employee may have more influence and more dominating power. He should not use this power to exploit the common employee.
  4. Don’t go beyond the limit: Every employee has this duty and movement limitation. In good modal organization employee should not go outside this limit.

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