Meaning and Definition of Management Development

Management development is a process of increasing efficiency and changing behavioral pattern or mentality toward particular issues for the achievement of organizational objectives. It is meant for executive level officers only. It is subsequent process enhancing efficiency of managers required for performing their assignments. Some authors have defined management development in the following paragraphs. Let’s know that definition of management development.

Definition of management development

  1. Gary Dessler: Any attempt to improve current or future management performance by imparting knowledge, changing attitude or increasing skills.

  2. MolandenA conscious and systematic process to control the development of managerial resources in the organisation for the achievement of goals and strategies.

  3. Mumford: Management development is an attempt to improve managerial effectiveness through a planned and deliberate learning process.

  4. Dale S. Beach: Management development is a systematic process of training and growth by which individuals gain and apply knowledge, skills, insights and attitudes to manage work of organization effectively.

  5. Michael Armstrong: Management development is a systematic process which aims to ensure that the organization has the effective managers it requires to meet its present and future needs.

In conclusion we can say, training is a social, continuous process of giving knowledge, increasing skills and efficiency and changing attitudes, aptitudes, interest and accommodating the employee in the organization for the performance of assigned task and achievement of the organization goal.

Definition of Management Development

Definition of Management Development

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