17 essential skills of a good leader which can make a leader best

There are following element to influence an individual becomes a effective leader. So, we discuss her some essential skills of a good leader.

Skills of a good leader

  1. Pro activeness: Leaders are proactive to their actions. They take decision in advance to fulfill the organizational goal.
  2. Cognitive ability: Leaders have good relationship with peoples. A good relationship brings good result.
  3. Future foolproof: He has the ability to take decision considering future needs. On the other hand he has the ability to forecast future goals.
  4. Flexibility: Leaders in BD organization have flexibility in taking decision. They do not rigid with their decision.
  5. Puritan: Leaders in BD organization polite. They maintain good behavior to their subordinates or follower.
  6. Tenacity: Leaders are achieving the organizational goal by their perseverance quality. They try again and again to fulfill the organizational goals.
  7. Skills: Skill in doing particular jobs is the strength of Bangladesh Organization, leaders, Skilled leader are setting examples to their follower.
  8. Motivational ability: Leaders have to have good motivational quality.
  9. Intelligence: Leaders have intelligence in handling adverse situation.skills-of-a-good-leader
  10. Creativity: Creativity is the strength of Bangladesh Organization leader. People have good contribution in giving new thing.
  11. Educational knowledge: Education increases a man’s knowledge. A leader should have the educational knowledge.
  12. Technical skill: In Bangladesh there have many types of leader such as union leader who has the technical skill.
  13. Decision making: Al leader ha strength of taking decision at the right time.
  14. Forecasting: Leader has the ability of forecasting future situation or future goals.
  15. Personality: As a leader who has super quality of personality which may influence other to listen to the leader.
  16. Popularity: As a leader who has enough popularity in a particular area and they attract others.
  17. Positive attitude: Leader of a person who has positive attitude to take any decision on a reasonable condition.

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