Appointment Letter Sample / Format / Example / Template

The main purpose of a confirmation letter/appointment letter is to ensure the job and inform the terms and conditions to the selected person. Here we provide some appointment letter sample to make the topic clear.

Appointment letters:

  1. Start the letter with the good news of the selection of a certain post
  2. Close the letter mentioning terms and conditions.

Appointment letter sample with terms and condition

Dear Sir,

The management/managing committee is pleased to confirm your appointment as Manager on the following terms and conditions:

  1. From 1 October 2014, you will get 8000 TK a month as a salary.
  2. Your services can be terminated without notice and without assigning any reason by the authority.
  3. You will return from service in the company on completion of 55 years of age or after 30 years of service.

If you accept and agree to the above terms and conditions of your appointment please sign the duplicate copy of this letter of appointment as taken of your acceptance.

Thanking you-
You’re faithfully

Zakaria Khan

Appointment letter sample

Appointment letter format

Dear Sir,

I am pleased to inform you that you are selected for the post of assistant manager. Your salary is Tk 25000/= only per month. You will be entitled to four weeks of leave of absence/vacation every year. You are requested to confirm the acceptance of this offer immediately.

Thanking you-
Yours faithfully


Other letter samples:

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  1. Large sample letter collection, hope you will increase it. many people will be benefited from this.

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