Inquiry Letter Sample / Format / Example / Template

Often we need to use inquiry letters, these types of letters have a variety of uses in our life. Here we provide some inquiry letter sample and examples.

Letter of Domestic Inquiry:

  1. Start the letter with the elaboration of the complaint
  2. Inform about the time, place, and name of the inquiry officer
  3. Impress about the emergency to attend the inquiry.

Inquiry letter sample for misbehaving with the manager

Dear Sir,

It has been reported to the management that you misbehaved with the assistant manager, Mr. Sharif on 12.12.2021 in the conference room. The management has decided to hold a domestic inquiry on 20.12.2021 in the conference room. Please note that you are requested to come with relevant documentary evidence upon which you wish to rely for your defense. You will remain suspended until the completion of the inquiry against you.

Thank you-
Sincerely yours

Tarequl Islam

Inquiry Letter Sample
Inquiry Letter Sample

Inquiry letter sample of freight rate from road transport Co.

Dear Sir,

We would like to propose for dispatching 20 computers to Dhaka on the first of next month. We will be very grateful to you if you send us detailed information about freight rates, time is taken to cover the distance and mode of lifting the goods.

With thanks-

Yours faithfully

Hasan Sarkar

More letter sample:

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