Some Major Disadvantages of Organizational Conflict

Conflict may happen at any time for various reasons but it may be much harmful when it happens in an organization. So, here we going to describe some disadvantages of organizational conflict so that everyone can conscious of this organizational conflict.

Disadvantages of organizational conflict

Disadvantages of Organizational Conflict
Disadvantages of Organizational Conflict

1. Divert time and energy from the main issues: Conflict tends to divert the main issue of the objective of the organization. A struggle between groups of employees shifts the objective from the main focus.

2. Delay decisions: Conflict arises in groups because of the scarcity of freedom, position, and resources. People who value independence than to resist the need for interference and, to some extent, conformity within a group. It makes the group delayed during decision making.

3. Create deadlocks: The parties begin to focus on differences of opinion and interests, sharpening perceived conflict, which creates deadlock while making decisions and conflict resolution.

4. Derive Unaggressive committee members to the sidelines: During conflict very much active members participate in negotiation, which Drives unaggressive committee members to the sidelines making themselves nonparticipatory members of that group.

5. Interfere with listening: The outward display of conflict occurs when the opposing parties plan and follow through with acts to frustrate one another. In this scenario the avoid listening to each other tries to focus on individual problems.

6. Obstruct exploration of more alternatives: A conflict proceeds through the stages, resolution becomes more difficult. People become more licked into their positions and more convinced that the conflict must be a win or lose situation. That makes a situation of obstructing exploration or more alternatives.

The other negative effects might be listed as follows in brief:

  • Decrease or destroy sensitivity
  • Cause members to drop out or resign form committees
  • Arouse anger that disrupts a meeting
  • Interfere with empathy
  • Leave losers resentful
  • Incline underdogs to sabotage
  • provoke personal abuse
  • Caused defensiveness

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