Advantages and Disadvantages of Organization Development (OD)

Obviously, organization development (OD) might have some advantages but I think some people may be thinking that are there really any disadvantages of organization development. So, here we provide a detailed article about the advantages and disadvantages of organization development below:

Advantages of Organization Development (OD)

Organizational development has some advantages. An organization can enjoy these advantages by resorting to all steps of OD systematically and scientifically. These advantages are as follows:

1. Change throughout the organization Development activities are undertaken throughout the whole organization.

2. Greater motivation After undertaking and completing the OD program, managers and employees feel motivated to work with joy.

3. Increased productivity: OD increases productivity. Because employees can work with new methods and machines.

4. Better quality of work: Quality work, goods & services through successful OD programs can be ensured.

5. Higher job satisfaction Managers and employees became satisfied with changed things and more facilities.

6. Improved Teamwork Employees get team spirit and teamwork may be encouraged as they become satisfied and motivated by top management.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Organization Development
Advantages of Organization Development

7. Better resolution of conflict: After getting the organization developed, managers’ and employees’ mentalities also get developed and broadened. Thus they can resolve conflict easily.

8. Commitment to objectives: Goal orientation and commitment is created among the employees. After getting everything developed they don’t get any scope of showing negligence.

9. Increased willingness to change: OD program creates the awareness to accept change without resistance. If the managers and employees are convinced they become willing to any change to be executed later.

10. Reduced absences: Absenteeism is reduced and employees attend the office and work on time which leads to high productivity.

11. Lower Turnover: Turnover is one of the problems of an organization through the OD program employee turnover rate becomes lower.

12. Creation of learning individuals and groups: With a number of development programs taken very often, individuals and groups learn many things. They become equipped to manage development programs in the future.

Disadvantages of Organization Development

Organization Development program suffers some limitations also. The degree of these limitations may vary from one organization to another. However, some limitations are discussed below:

1. Major time requirements: OD programs take a long time. Not only that for taking any action plan for OD, but planners also take much time.

2. Substantial expenditure: It costs many. A lot of funds are required to execute to OD program. Sometimes an organization cannot manage funds.

3. Delayed pay off period: In some cases, the OD program is affected by a delayed pay-off period. That is why some organizations become reluctant.

4. Possible failure: OD program may be failed due to some reasons. These failures are both human-related and non-human-related.

5. Possible envision of privacy: The privacy of the organization may be leaked out through the OD program. Due to the involvement of irresponsible people, it happens so.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Organization Development
Advantages and Disadvantages of Organization Development

6. Possible psychological harm: Some psychological harm is experienced while taking the OD program. Employees with strong psychology can protect it.

7. Potential conformity Due to potential conformity with and results of different actions, OD programs might create misunderstanding and confusion.

8. Emphasis on group process: Very often the emphasis is laid on the group process. If the group does not mean so or take it seriously, and the OD program is affected.

9. Conceptual ambiguity: OD program concept, its operational possibility potential output, etc. may not be clearly understood by some people who are involved with OD.

10. Difficulty in evaluation: The evaluation of the OD program does not take place properly. This can raise many objectives from some corners.

11. Cultural incompatibility: If the OD program does adjust to the existing culture, it can bring desired results.

These are some important limitations or disadvantages of the OD program. Despite that, the organization will have to undertake a development program by avoiding possible limitations.

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