15 Features of Organizational Counseling

Organizational counseling has some features. These features depend on the type of counseling. However, some features of organizational counseling are discussed as follows:

Features of organizational counseling

1. Deals with an emotional problem: Counseling must be dealt with an emotional problem. It is a solution to mental or heart but not hands.

2. Involves discussion: Counseling must be with discussion-based. Without discussion, it is not possible to counsel someone.

3. Proper communication: Proper communication is also a big feature of counseling.

4. Oral communication: Oral communication is necessary because without this a person cannot express his works properly.

5. Good communication skill: Good communication skill is a feature because without communication skill counsel program cannot be successful.

6. Try to end or decrease frustration: Counsel Program must be that type that person who is consoled can free his frustration.

7. Understanding employee emotional disorder: A counselor should understand the emotional disorder of employees.

8. Excluding job inconvenience: Frustration starts in an organization when there is job dissatisfaction. So the primary duty of counseling is to reduce the inconvenience of the job.

Features of Organizational Counseling

9. Removing conflict: Counseling should remove conflict. If it cannot remove conflict then it is not possible to tell that good counseling.

10. Changing the organization: If necessary for the betterment of the employee job environment has to be changed.

11. Giving Advice: Counseling must be advice based. It should be advising the client what should do or not do.

12. Clarifying thinking: Counsel must be clarifying the thinking of employees. It should be like the employee can understand his or her frustration & also get a way to remove from that.

13. Increasing decision-making ability: Counseling must increase the decision-making ability of the client. It must be understandable by the client & take him to that mental situation where he can make a good decision.

14. Realize emotional tension: A counselor must understand the mental situation of the client. He should also realize the mental condition of his client. Then he or she can treat like this.

15. Analysis of strengths and weaknesses: Counselor must know the client well. He should also know what the client’s strong points and weak points. Then he can counsel the client in a very will manner.

So these are some features that are as usual we expect in the organizational counseling program. Without these features, a consoling program cannot achieve its goal.

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