10 Prime Objectives of Organizational Politics

Organizational Politics achieves a number of objectives. These objectives of organizational politics may be classified and discussed in the following points:

Objectives of organizational politics

1. To obtain power: The first objective of organizational politics is to obtain power so that everybody counts him as a hero of the employee community.

2. To gain recognition: Every employee wants to gain recognition from top management. Through organizational politics, recognition may be gained.

3. To increase productivity: Organizational politics can mobilize people to increase productivity. At the same time, it can help increase the service for the purpose.

4. To settle the dispute: For the successful settlement of industrial conflict organizational politics may be of immense help.

5. To gain self & group interest: Both group and self-interests may be served with the involvement of politics in the organization.

6. Develop power: Employee power in the group and in the organization may be enhanced with the presence of organizational politics.

Objectives of Organizational Politics
Objectives of Organizational Politics

7. To protect self-interest: Employees can at best protect self-interests if there is any threat from the organization’s side.

8. To earn money and income: In some societies, people enter into the political environment and earn a lot of money by adopting many unfair practices.

9. To develop the environment: The environment of work may not be favorable in the organization. Politics can easily correct it.

10. To Prohibit Whims: Whims of some employees may create threats for the whole organization. Organizational politics can easily prohibit those people involved in the creative disturbance.

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